Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paul Komoda's Sketchbook - Jewelry Designs & More

Here's another exclusive page from an early Paul Komoda sketchbook.
Filled with monstrous images from Paul's dreams, you can also see an early design pass on the devil ring Paul would ultimately sculpt. Also on the page, is an early Medusa pendant design, a piece Paul has revisited many times.

More from Paul:

"The red haired creature on the bottom is from a dream. It's mouth looked like a torn rubber mask that was pure, featureless red on the inside.

There was also a blue multi limbed humanoid crawling on the ceiling whose exposed spine and pelvis resembled a welded, filagree construct of sheet metal."

Also, our insanely talented friends over at Coilhouse, recently posted an article on our dear pal King Thalidomidas. You can check it out by clicking HERE.


  1. When I see these pages, I imagine Paul feverishly jotting this all down out of absolute priority. It MUST be done!Everything seems so cluttered, but at the same time it all magically intertwines and bleeds together. Fuck, I love the stains.

  2. ...Paint and the blackest coffee, to be certain!