Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Artist Proof Studio Contest!

Hey Everyone,

We are excited to announce a new contest we're running.

Over the next few weeks (March 16th - April 7th 2011) everyone who posts a comment on our blog gets immediately entered to win their choice of one of our sculptures.

All you have to do is go through our blog and comment on any of the work you see here, it's that easy!

We will also be premiering a new Paul Komoda sketchbook page every few days leading up to Monsterpalooza 2011 along with pictures of our latest sculptures.

Remember, in order to win one of our kits, you need to post your thoughts / comments on our blog.

Thanks and good luck!

Norm Meyers & Paul Komoda


  1. Wow! count me in. This is the best blog out there by the way guys.

  2. What's this sketch? It seems very Aura Battler-esque. I really like it.

  3. This is a much more rendered rendition of something I had drawn in the late 80's during my last year of art school.

    Feverishly scribbled out with a felt tip pen, I drew what I felt was a very real manifestation of "The Devil".
    I'll add that it was drawn under "peculiar conditions", and almost automatically.
    Just faces and mouths blossoming and expanding out like a flesh kaleidescope.

    The original drawing I entitled, "Baphomet", which, made perfect sense....at the time, anyway ; )
    I'm going to work this creature into a painting/illustration soon.

  4. Awesome! I wanna work at Artist Proof Studio! where do i get an application :-D

  5. Easy contest, count me in!
    Just a quick question you might be able to answer. Do you know if it's possible to make resin molds in Roma plastelina or how else I might preserve sculptures in Roma?

    Thanks for a great blog :-)

  6. post more paul komoda sketches!!!!

  7. And, "Send more Paramedics".....!

    Thanks, Danny. Much more on the way!

  8. A "flesh kaliedescope..." yes...A much more attractive Baphomet than I've ever seen. Paul, I want to wear your Art, man. You are so fucking inspiring.

  9. Nice work, as always Paul! Consider me entered!

  10. Hey guys, is the Ranxerox bust gonna be at Monsterpalooza this year?

  11. Did somebody say giveaway?? From the cool guys at Artist Proof??

    Paul, these illustrations of yours look like the battle plans for the conquest of the Diabolical Left-Brain Nation. When do we roll out, Sarge??? ; )

    -Bill Mayo

  12. Paul "Robot with a Tapeworm" KomodaMarch 17, 2011 at 9:03 PM


    The Ranx bust is REALLY close to getting finished. My schedule's somewhat compromised at the moment by some work I'm on, but I'm maintaining a never say never attitude regarding the sculpt, and for my own sanity's sake, I'm going to get closure in the bastard as soon as possible. Thanks, my friend!

  13. Looooong time lurker and fan. Count me in as well

  14. I love your sculptures! thei are totally awesome!