Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fat Zombie Bust - The Salad Days...

Here's a very early WIP of Norm's Fat Zombie bust.

This piece is based on the Fat Zombie art print Paul did that was included as a bonus with Norm's Fat Zombie resin kit release.

More pics coming soon...


  1. IT seems we can't get enough of fat zombies!
    Great work and I can't wait to see him progress.

  2. I love Zombies!..specially fat ones, this one is coming along nicely!

  3. Looking good Norm. I love seeing WIPs and progress in stages.

  4. Thanks so much everyone!
    He's much further along now, so I'll be posting some new pics shortly.
    After this piece, I'm going to sculpt something super skinny!

  5. Wow, Looking great Norman! I have a lot of respect for talented people and you are one of them. Keep up the good work man! great job

  6. Between Paul's immaculate sketch art and Norm's deep fried perturbation, there seems to be no end to the creativity over at APS.
    -Bill Mayo