Friday, March 25, 2011

I AM LEGEND - Early Komoda Concept Art

Here are some never before seen concept illustrations Paul did for I Am Legend. Paul was brought into the project to design and refine the look of the "Hemocytes" or "Darkseekers"

You can get a glimpse of Paul's design process, as he starts with a pencil sketch defining the forms. Once everyone's on the same page, Paul takes a pass at coloring the drawings. More from Paul below:

Vampire-Alpha Male

I had a very brief stint on the 2007 version of "I Am Legend" in which I had been contacted by Mike Marino of Prosthetic Renaissance about doing several concept drawings of the vampires.

Alpha Female

Time was a factor, since I had been told that several practical FX shops had already been put through the process, and not worked out.

Mike had already been doing Will Smith's makeup on the show, so production turned to him for the realization of the creature/character group.

Even if the designs were approved, there would have been less than a month to sculpt, mold, apply, and paint full body prosthetics for multiple performers.

I kicked a number of concept drawings out in a few days, and when all was done and submitted (along with some beautiful work by Andrew Jones ), we waited through an uncomfortable period of uncertainty.

Mike called me a few days later, exasperated, and told me that the director had decided on a completely different approach, and gotten rid of all the creature performers, and were going completely CG.


  1. Amazing translucent effect... great work!

  2. The textural effects are great! Nice use of layered color.

  3. What a shame these didn't get picked up. Really great concept. CG has a place and I think the movie suffered from using straight CG rather then combining the two.

  4. I love these drawings Paul!! It's too bad they went with CG. The anatomical detail here is really inspiring! Man, you got skills.

  5. Thanks, John!

    @Anonymous- I've never been an anti-CG person, but wrong-headed art-direction is another story, entirely.

  6. These concepts are much better than what we got to see. Very NICE!

  7. Paul: As ever these are beautiful work. Such a shame they went with unconvincing CGI over well done practical effects. These could have been realized so well with prosthetic makeups. Thanks for sharing these.

  8. godd that is fucking awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!11