Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Paul Komoda's RanXerox Bust Version 2

Some of you might remember an earlier post of Paul's 1st pass at the Italian comicbook character Ranxerox.

This highly controversial character graced the pages of Heavy Metal magazine premiering in the early 80's.

After auctioning off the first sculpt, done in super sculpey, Paul decided to revisit the character, this time in wax. Wax allows for a higher level of detail and has many fantastic qualities.

This sculpt, still a work in progress will most likely be available in very limited quantities sometime in the future.

Paul Komoda's Human Pathology Vol. 2 - Harlequin Babies

We are pleased to show some new work in progress pictures of Paul's recent sculpture set "The Harlequin Babies."

This is Volume 2 of Paul's Human Pathology Series, showcasing a very rare and tragic condition called Harlequin Ichthyosis.

All pieces in this highly controversial series, showcase a variety of different medical conditions often of the most extreme variety.

Super Sculpey, 5" x 3" x 5" and
3" x 2" x 3"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jordu Schell Alien Bust For Sale!

Hey Everyone!

Our good friend and monster maker Jordu Schell has released a beautiful Alien bust!

This limited edition resin bust stands 10 inches tall and is available as a raw resin casting or fully painted and finished to perfection by Jordu himself!

To order this fantastic piece of art, please click HERE!

And to see more of Jordu Schell's insanely cool creatures, you can visit his site by clicking HERE!