Friday, April 1, 2011

Komoda Portrait Studies

Here are some cool portrait studies from an early Paul Komoda sketchbook.


  1. Is there any chance to see something more from Paul's Store Of oddities?
    I really like the pictures I saw of it, colors and designs are great and I've found nothing else on the internet.
    That'd be great! Greetings

  2. I believe that Paul should be given the task of designing all women here on planet Earth from now on. I personally know someone who looks damn near exactly like the character in the top photo, top right hand corner.

  3. @Detrocboi- This is strange to me as well, but that page is the only thing that exists in regards to that presentation of the story.

    My initial intent as an artist, was to do comics, having been inspired by the work in Heavy Metal.

    Back when I was attending art school, my first visual recounting of the dream of the Store of Oddities appeared in the magazine,"Funny Garbage" which my friends were self-publishing. Since then, I had made attempts to expand and retell the story, incorporating some of the characters I had carried along with me for years.
    The page that I've been posting is the refined version of something that started out in a much rattier state. Whenever I get the chance , I intend to do several "follow-up" pages. My identity as a sculptor seems to have imprinted, but my work as a designer/illustrator is really where my heart is.

    @Jason- Happy you like the drawings! Some are friends( I feel bad that I never got Nyx's face right, though ), some are late 90's fashion models, and a few, like Louise Brooks and Eugenia Diordiychuk( top middle, page 1)were subjects I simply wanted to draw for the sake of it.
    The girl you mentioned is a friend from my Philly days named Dina who's done a lot of modelling. A really striking face.

  4. Excellent work, Paul. Love the 'Flapper' style cuts on a couple of the women. -Bill Mayo

  5. Thanks for your answer Paul; I thought there was a full comic but it's great news anyway to know you're going to expand it with new works.
    Keep up with your great work, both as a sculptor and as an illustrator.