Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Long before I had ever considered sculpting as a "career option", my first creative impulse was to tell stories, visually, either through comics or illustrated books, and over time I amassed a considerable number of recurring characters with which to populate these monster-ridden tales.

Fluffy, who had his origins as a plush toy lamb from early childhood, had, over the years evolved into what I can only describe as my signature cartoon character.

He went from resembling a benign, bipedal version of my lamb toy, to a doughy looking creature bearing an immense, black, reflective proboscis.

A few years ago while living in Philadelphia, I was dismayed to realize that I hadn't drawn him in an appallingly long time.

When, after a few false starts, I DID start drawing him again, Fluffy re-emerged in a delirious multiplicity of ferociously perverse, mutant variations, a small example being presented here.

-- Paul

Stay tuned for more Fluffy images coming soon!


  1. Great! I love this kind of sketches!

  2. Hi Paul!
    Fluffy certailny HAS grown up a bit!

    ITs funny though, I think that some of the more detailed sketches shock me less than the simplest ones.
    I really dig the one where Fluffy is cleft in twain.....mage creepier still by hiss leaky errection !!
    Will you sculpt Fluffy? which one do you reckon you'd sculpt?