Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some past work...Norman Meyers

Here are a few miscellaneous sculpts from the past year. Many of these were quick sketches, just roughing out the character to see if I wanted to pursue it further.

This guy here was for an independent horror film called Animal. This was one of a few different maquettes I did for the director. Super Sculpey, 1/4 scale.

A quick study of Pumpkinhead, one of my favorite creatures. It's roughly 1/2 scale, in super sculpey. I recently transferred it to wax to do the final detailing.

This last guy is sculpted out of super sculpey, magic sculpt and animal bones.


  1. The Animal maquette has some excellent texture work on it. Ah, and you know I love the Pumpkinhead. GET IT DONE!!

  2. thats so freaky, and really cool! :D

  3. These are looking great Norman! Can't wait to see more of the Pumpkinhead.