Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fat Zombie painted by Jason Tarpley

I'm proud to show off Jason Tarpley's build up of my Fat Zombie kit! Jason really knocked this bad boy off the charts!

Jason is known for doing a large amount of research before each project, diving deep into the internet's darkest places. I think his research paid off!

I'll be posting the background story of the Fat Zombie and the world he lives in tomorrow.

Fat Zombies carry a variety of different weapons, many of them embedded in their flesh.

One such weapon you can see in the below picture - a tightly woven bomb, filled with bones, flesh and wires.

The outside casing or shell is a human head. When the moment is right, the fat zombie pulls a rip cord triggering the bomb to explode.

This causes a chain reaction triggering other areas of the fat zombie's body to release toxins and small violent creatures to the surrounding area.

The crab claws give a glimpse into one such creature!

For the full story, please check back tomorrow! And to see more of Jason's work please click HERE and HERE!


  1. Hell yeah this is ugly... Wow! Great piece!

  2. That is one fat tub of pus! I like the variety of textures in this one. Very wicked.

  3. I really like the gore this artist has embedded in the piece.