Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paul Komoda's Mutated Dinosaur

"A concept drawing for a proposed line of mutated dinosaur action figures I created in 2006.
The idea, as it was described to me, was that some radical gene splicing was being performed in your standard Jurassic Park facsimile, which was giving rise to some ferocious hybrids that bore distinguishing features from several wildly varying species.
Unfortunately, the line did not become a reality." -- Paul Komoda


  1. Would have loved to see an awesome action figure like that to use in Giant Monster Rampage.

  2. Paul!
    Hey man I just found your page!!! It's so cool to look at all of your amazing work. This piece in particular was great to see again. this line would have been so much fun to make. At least you got to visualize it. Looking forward to what you post next!

    All the best!

    Jesse Falcon

  3. Thanks Jesse!
    Yes, this piece definitely falls into the "Oh, what might have been" category. Had an amazing time drawing it, though!