Friday, December 10, 2010

Agony Man & Friends

Here’s an Agony Man sculpture Paul created many years ago. Measuring in at 12 inches tall, and sculpted out of Super Sculpey, Paul felt the character wasn’t in enough Agony. The piece was ultimately abandoned. Be on the lookout for a new version of him sometime in the near future.

An old shot of Paul's workspace... The original Elephant Man sculpt (an early test casting) surrounded by some friends. Stay tuned for Version 2 of Paul's Elephant Man coming in January.


  1. I think it's a very good sculpt, I wonder if he will ever finish it

  2. Technically, it's an abandoned sculpt.
    While there are a few things that work, I find that the emotion and intent simply are not there.


  3. That Agony face: I just imagine his lips flowing out to endless ripples of flesh; much like a drop of water on a still pond surface. I guess he tasted something quite sour.

  4. "Ripples of flesh".....

    Yes, that sums up his oral cavity as well as anything,
    The Agony Man was inspired by the writings of William S. Burroughs,
    and the music of SPK, and their album Leichenschrei( corpse screams ).

  5. I love this character. Hope to see it available some day.