Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hanging out at Jordu's Studio

It's a weekly tradition for many of us to go over to Jordu's studio and sculpt together.

Sculpting by nature can be very isolating at times, sitting at your work desk alone.

It's always a great thrill to be around other sculptors working on your art.

Everyone working on various personal projects.

Jordu and his ghoul.

Toi Ogyunoku Jr. working on his Astronaut sculpt.

Norm working on his "Cleaner" Creature.

Shin Tanabe working on his Black Tinkerbell sculpture for Yamato.

Paul Komoda working on his Night Gaunt sculpt.

Miyo Nakamura working on her Sea Horse Human Hybrid sculpt.

Casey Love working on a cool original ghoul.

This past session included the following artists:
Jordu Schell, Toi Ogunyoku Jr. Paul Komoda, Norman Meyers, Shin Tanabe, Casey Love & Miyo Nakamura.


  1. ah that's pretty neat! a huge sculpting orgy >.<

  2. Norm,
    Please let me know when you guys are meeting again, I'd love to come over!

  3. That is amazing by the way!!!!!!

  4. soy unos artistas felicidades.

  5. Now i would call this a great meeting... Thanks for such cool photos! You ladies and gentleman are really rocking the stuff! Keep it up! Best Wishes out of the Painting Jungle! Regards Roman

  6. you guys are awesome I wish I could come and sculpt with you.

  7. oh wow! this is so cool to see everyone sculpting together.. this is fun!

  8. So glad to have found this blog- you guys are so inspiring!!

  9. Oh to be a fly on the wall of that studio. Very inspirational!

  10. I need this type of collaborative environment!!! You all rock!

  11. oww el trabajo de mis sueƱos,felicidades desde colombia a todos ustedes