Friday, May 28, 2010

New Creature busts by Aris Kolokontes

We are pleased to announce two new creature busts designed & sculpted by super talented artist Aris Kolokontes.

Each bust measures 6 inches tall and will be cast in resin.

We are thrilled to have Aris involved with Artist Proof Studio and excited to see what he comes up with next!

They'll be available for purchase late next week.
For more information like pricing and availability, please contact


  1. Excelente!!
    Eres una gran fuente de inspiración,en verdad,
    cada dia veo tus trabajos y voy aplicando parte de tu tecnica,para conseguir trabajos con
    esta calidad,VíCCórdova.

  2. These both are some awesome sculpts.
    excellent job sir.....I can't wait to get one of each in my home...

    thank you for making them available to us.....I will be looking forward to more of your great work.