Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Paul Komoda's La Pestilencia - Available!

Artist Proof Studio proudly presents: Paul Komoda's La Pestilencia!
The first piece in Paul's highly anticipated "Human Pathology" line of sculptures.

La Pestilencia is expertly cast in one piece of gray resin. A special bonus sculpture is included with the first 15 orders! Orders are coming in fast so please don't hesitate!

For more information please contact:


  1. Fantastic Work!
    Nice Anatomycal Details.

  2. i'm interested in this candle, but i can't see the wick?

  3. great work...tghis SHOULD be in every school classroom..can you imagine what her genitals would have looked like..

  4. How is it that Paul can produce a sculpture of a woman as deteriorated as this, and somehow make her look elegant? It's because he's a Bad-Ass, that's why. This is simply one of the most staggering pieces to ever be released.

  5. Ever since I saw this on Coilhouse I can't get it out of my mind... and other people's minds, too, since this is, for me, one of those things "If you get it, you're my people".

  6. Awesome work! I'm following;)