Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paul Komoda Sculpture Retrospective - Early Work

Here is the first of many pictures of Paul's earlier sculpture work. A few of these have never been seen before. Many of these were released directly by Paul at various shows and through word of mouth between collectors. Today many of these pieces are very rare and hard to find.
We have plans to re-release many of these in the coming months.
Keep checking back for more updates.

Dr. Channard Bust
A one of a kind sculpt, done as a warm up piece by Paul before tackling the full size sculpture.

Edward Scissorhands
(Finished Sculpture Painted By Paul Komoda)

(Original Super Sculpey Head)

(Finished Piece Painted by Paul Komoda)

Devil Ring


The Elephant Man

First Casting Sculpted & Painted by Paul Komoda

*All pieces pictured were sculpted & painted by Paul Komoda.