Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy New Year! Paul Komoda's Nova Express painted by Rick Cantu! New pics!

Happy New Year Everyone!

It was a very busy and hectic 2014 but we made it!

2015 promises to be filled with many new and exciting resin delights!

And more frequent blog updates....

Here's Paul Komoda's Nova Express painted by Rick Cantu and photographed by Nitai Kearney.

Thanks for looking!

You can still purchase this kit at our webstore here:

Monday, September 1, 2014

Paul Komoda's Nova Express Painted by Rick Cantu!

Hey Everyone!

We are excited to share Paul Komoda's Nova Express painted by the super talented Rick Cantu!

You can see more of Rick's stellar paint work by clicking HERE!

And to purchase a casting of Paul's Nova Express, please visit HERE!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Paul Komoda's Nova Express resin kit, molding & casting pictures!

The time is finally upon us!

Paul Komoda's Nova Express resin kit has been molded and casting has begun!

The castings have come out beautiful and crisp thanks to mold master Simon Garcia.

Sculptor Michael Norman did an incredible job keying and parting the sculpture, prepping it for molding.

We've included some never before seen pics of the mold in progress and the first resin casting.

Castings start shipping out to customers this week.

If you missed out on the pre-order and would like to purchase one, please email us at: 


Here's the mold for the body/base, silicone in a stone jacket.

Here's the body, just before being clayed up. Simon builds a wall of foam core around the piece, which he will lay clay on top of.

These next few pics show the tentacles prepped for molding. Simon adds escape vents and bleeders to pieces like this, which allow the resin to fill all the small points of the sculpture and prevent air bubbles.

And here's the first casting out of the mold! The pieces have been lightly put together with "Quake Hold"

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Studio filled with sculptures!

Hey Everyone,

We're in the process of moving from one studio to another, thought I'd post some pics of a few WIPS, and formerly unseen sculpts!

Norm's Pumpkinhead sculpt in progress!

Windowlicker and Chimp!

Another fatty in progress!